1. Investor Name: Bangladesh Army
  2. Published Date: November 2014
  3. Location: Dhaka Elevated Expressway
  4. Value: 26.8 MBDT
  5. Employer : Bangladesh Army
  6. Architecture: Aridod


Major Components:
1. Survey of the utility services of Water Lines, Telecommunications, Gas Transmission Lines, Power Cables, Sewerage and Drainage struc-tures.
2. Conducting surface scanning with GPR and related topographic sur-veys as per requirement.
3. Confirmation of GPR data at critical locations by trail excavation.
4. Presentation of results, maps and vetting of final maps by each utili-ty Service providing agencies.
5. Presentation of report outlining recommendations for relocating thereplacing utilities.

Role of ARIDOD Tech Serve Limited:
1. Conduct the survey.
2. Management consultant.