1. Investor Name: GPH Ispat Line
  2. Published Date: Ongoing
  3. Location: Kumira, Chittagong.
  4. Value: 55,056,179.00 BDT
    Employer : GPH Ispat Line
  5. Architecture: Aridod


Role of ARIDOD Tech Serve Limited:
1. Making & Sinking of Departure Pit and Receiving Pit.
2. Sand Bed of Sinking Pit.
3. Base Sealing.
4. Steel Reinforecement Work.
5. 2000mm Dia PIPE JACKING.
6. 2000mm Dia Steel Pipe Material
7. 2000mm Dia Steel Pipe Cathodic Protection.
8. e2000 Steel Pipe and Anti-Corrosion.