1. Raw Water Pipeline Project OverviewProject name  : Construction of Raw Water Pipeline under Design-build contract for Intake, Raw Water Pipeline and Water Treatment Plant at Gandharbpur (Funded by: ADB, AFD & EIB)

    Name of Employer  : Gandharpur Water Treatment SNC (Company)

    Main Components  : 1. Intake Structure of Bishnondi, Araihazar Upazilla.

    1. Water Treatment Plant at Gandharbpur, Rupgonj Upazilla.
    2. Raw Water Pipe Line (2 X 1600 mm dia) 22 X 2 = 44 KM from Bishnondi to Gandharbpur.

    Our Scope: Raw Water Pipe Line Installation and commissioning (Pipe & Materials to be supplied by i.e. Employer)

    1. Earthworks
    2. Backfilling
    • Bedding
    1. Geotextile Membrane
    2. Embankment
    3. Road Crossing
    • River Crossing
    • Pipe laying

    Project Cost: USD 34,318,881.00 (eqv. BDT 2,694,032,193.00)

    Payment Currency: USD/Euro

    Project Duration: 2 Years


The Project located in Dhaka, Bangladesh involves main water transportation and distribution pipes about 22km long, which are double-line DN1600 ductile iron pipes. The specific scope of work includes but is not limited to:

Water transmission pipelines: including access points between intake pump stations and water treatment plants. Roads: roads from water intake pump station to DHAKA INDUSTRIAN.

This Section will be constructed fully with ductile iron pipes.